„For now” bank transfer

£5.77 or 7.90€

The fastest transfer into a PLN account in Poland.

Delivery time:
10 minutes

Before you know it, the money will be on the beneficiary’s bank account. It’s your transfer emergency service.

Exchange rate:
£1 = 4.9793 1€ = 4.2413

Profitable exchange rate, higher GBP exchange rate means higher amount of PLN on the bank account.
  • LIVE bank transfer has a fixed fee.
  • The money is cleared on the beneficiary’s bank account in Poland within 10 minutes.
  • It is made for the majority of banks in your Homeland.
  • It applies to transfers into PLN accounts.
  • No hidden costs.
Unexpected liabilities in Poland? Take advantage of the fastest money transfer in the market! Sending GBPs to Poland has never been so easy and fast. We need only 10 minutes for your money be cleared on any PLN bank account. The guarantee of conversion exchange rate as of the moment of transaction and a fixed fee regardless of the amount being transferred. Which bank can do that? Make a LIVE transfer in 10 minutes into a Polish bank account and stay calm.



You can make the transfer in 10 minutes:

Have you got a computer and an Internet access? Register in less than 3 minutes and start making transactions to your loved ones in Poland.

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If your daily schedule is very tight, and you must transfer money from UK to Poland, take advantage of our telephone service!

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Free Sami Swoi Przekazy Pieniężne application is a simple, quick and convenient method of using money transfer system on your Smartphone.

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Sami Swoi Przekazy Pieniężne is the biggest Polish money transfer network in the UK.

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Good to know.
  • By „For now ” transfer you can send the maximum amount £1,000 or 1,000€.
  • After 10 minutes, the money is cleared on the account in Poland.
  • The transfer is available in all channels of our company.
  • We are the only ones who offer the transfer within 10 minutes.
  • In our branches, you can make the LIVE transfer in 10 minutes by phone, online and through your mobile phone.
  • You can make the transfer from any place in the world.
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