How to send money via Sami Swoi app


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Make fast and safe money transfer to Poland.

Thanks to a Sami Swoi application you can make:

The standard transfer into a bank account is one of our most popular transfers. The fee is only £2.99 regardless of the amount you transfer. The money is cleared on the baneficiary’s bank account on the second working day.

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Do you want to make a quick and safe transfer at a reasonable price? We offer you an express transfer which we will send into a PLN account on the next working day. A fixed fee is £4.99 regardless of the amount being transferred.

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Have you forgotten about birthday, a special occasion or other payments you have in Poland? Does your family urgently need a cash injection? We recommend the Live Bank Transfer in 10 minutes with the maximum amount of transfer of GBP 1,000 that can be made regardless of the clearing times of the bank in Poland. The fee is only £5.90.

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Scan the QR Code - download the application.
Aplikacja mobilna

What can the application do:


It enables you to transfer money into a PLN account from every place. It enables you to make a list of defined beneficiaries.


A convenient access to the history of your transactions. Following GPS, you will find the nearest Sami Swoi branch.


Via the application, you can make a transfer at any place and the option of defining beneficiaries will make it even faster.
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